Friday, October 4, 2013

Ini adalah ketenangan

definition of awesome

She laid her eyes on my resume, going through every bit of details in it. She then stopped at one point on the very next page, and gazed her attention towards me.

"So Mr. Firdaus, says here you are majoring in Biology..." She said.

"I am." I said.

"And you are applying for a position that has basically nothing to do with your coursework?"

"Not quite frankly, I'd minor in management, learning the basis if not intermediate in strategic management, OM, insurance. Ditto, HR and finance. A flexible career choice if I may add. It's all in my transcript.. if I could show you"

"Instead of working with the government or militia in a secret lab deep inside mount kinabalu making biological weapons and drugs and... what is that met.. met..."

"Chrystal meth." I continued.

shit. boleh menyampuk plak...

"Chrystal meth.. yess.. that thing.. hahaha."

"And it is actually in the basement, cause inside a mountain is kind of... you know... costly.."

Merepek lagi aku.

"Haa.. now I get it. You want to work here to fund your secret lab incognito right.... ?"

"........ " bunyi cengkerik....

"If I tell you I have to killed you.."

"If you killed me then whose gonna pay your salary?"

"My argument is invalid then" said I.

"Hahahaa, I think we can sums up here. Thank you for coming. We'll call you in a few days"

"Yeah sure, thank you so much Ms. *****"

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Some say

:: Some people come into our lives and
quickly go. 

:: Some stay for awhile and leave
footprints on our hearts.

:: And for some... we just want to leave footprints on their face... 



:: yakin sgt bukak kabinet terus capai tin x tgk label.. siap g sinki tebuk lagi tu... kan dah merah air teh kau... alahaii.. kempunan teh tarik... penat sgt balik kerja lewat ye pidaos.. T_T